Edra is Tuscan company with a strong “made in Italy” connotation where craftsmanship is an added value, highly innovative as for its padding, it offers the right balance between high design and great comfort in order to satisfy all specific needs. Edra’s exclusive selection of fabrics is centered on the design of each individual padding set.

Each industrial product becomes a unique, luxurious piece whose manufacturing process specifically focuses on typical craftsmanship. Research into the maximum possible comfort is one of the company’s objectives. In this regard, the “Smart Cushion” technology has been applied, which allows to easily and ergonomically tilt armrests and backrest. “Gellyfoam”, a new padding material derived from different foams, has also been patented to guarantee a personalized posture to each user.

The collection consists of padded items, tables and chairs, containers and beds, derived from Campana brothers’ experimental research on recycled materials, the “technological comfort” of Francesco Binfarè’s padded creations as well as Jacopo Foggini’s artistic gestures.

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