Services for general contractors

In addition to consulting services for architects and interior designers, TRJ is positioned to offer a specific support and consulting service for general contractors.

General contractor is a person who has a contract with other institutions or agencies to supply services or labor. A general contractor is also responsible for the architecture phases of design and implementation in order to optimize all construction processes. The contractor is generally responsible for compliance with planned budget, project execution schedule, general and special conditions of the project (specifications, drafts, reports, computations, timetables) elaborated by engineering and architecture firms.

The service of support and consulting TRJ provides general contractors consists in mentoring, verification and processing of documents necessary for the various phases of project creation, specification and implementation.

TRJ also renders the company-architect-general contractor relationship more efficient, simplifying communication and accelerating the exchange of information process.

Our experience, technical knowledge of the product and our capability of interpreting requests from general contractors takes on concreteness in the form of divers consulting and support services for their activity:

● Consulting for selection of furniture
● Consulting for selection of lighting systems
● Quotation and budgetary compliance service
● Drawing up of tender dossier and technical specifications
● Consulting for contract supplies
● Training services
● Additionally, we directly supply general contractors with all the services provided to architecture and interior design firms .

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Consulting for selection of furniture and lighting systems

Our in-depth knowledge of the market and the vast array of brand leaders in our network, allow TRJ to be able to supply a variety of furniture and lighting system solutions.

Our years-long experience in the sector have enabled us to know and single out from both a technical and esthetic viewpoint, the products capable of satisfying the needs of the customer or general contractor.

Quotation and budgetary compliance service

The quotation and budgetary compliance service is an extremely important phase of the activities we offer as support and consulting for general contractors and is used to accurately choose products and define purchase costs in budgetary compliance fixed by the customer and defined together with the general contractor.

Drawing up of tender dossier and technical specifications

The tender dossier is the document of a technical nature that it attached to the contract which specifies the obligations and rights of the parties that stipulate the contract, the material used for building, the deadline for completing the work, the technical qualitative and quantitative characteristics planned for in the project and the technical and construction techniques used.

To support the general contractor’s activity, TRJ is in a position to supply a tender dossier and technical specification service and specify which products to insert in the architectural or interior design project.

Consulting for contract furniture

Often for technical or esthetic reasons, a general contractor needs products of technical so,unions that are not available on the market, and which are labeled “contract” by the manufacturers.

The procurement of contract furniture requires speed in designing, producing and installing the product.

The in-depth knowledge of the companies in our network allows TRJ to single out the best partners for supplying products created specifically for a contract.
TRJ is in a position to identify and locate partners and solutions that will ensure a rapid turn around answer, technical competence and production capability.