Consulting service for furniture and lighting design distributors

One of the key focus points of the TRJ consulting activity is its consulting service to furniture and lighting design distributors.
We firmly believe that the success of each individual furniture or lighting design brand is achieved through the essential contribution of competent and furniture retailers and specialized lighting design retailers in every region.

For this reason, we follow and energetically support our local retail partners both in their everyday work and through long term strategic goals. We support them in their business so they can attain economic and qualitative objectives, increase showroom turnover and establish create a path together leading to job growth, but also in terms of human growth.

The TRJ team works side by side with them in the most crucial phases, supporting and advising them through consulting service to furniture and lighting design distributors, marketing consulting services and specific design services:

● Market analysis
● Strategic consulting
● Creation of customized layout
● Training for designers and salespeople
● Showroom window setup
● Product update
● Communication consulting

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Market analysis

In order to implement a marketing strategy for retailers of furniture and specialized lighting design products that is capable of bringing the products closer to prospective interested customers and meet their needs, first of all, it is essential to understand the customer catchment area, their spending capacity and tastes so the retailers can accordingly adapt their own mix of brands and products displayed.

Strategic consulting

Now more than ever, it is paramount to pinpoint a marketing strategy that distinguishes the proposals of the furniture store from those of its competitors and one that is suited to the specific target market.
Once the target market has been analyzed and the typical customer identified, thanks to the experience and the broad range of brand leaders in our network, the TRJ team can determine the perfect mix of brands and furniture and lighting products to the showroom customers.

Creation of customized layout

Once the target market and the perfect mix of products have been defined, a fundamental point is how to present these products to the customer.
TRJ designers offer support to the furniture retailers in the design of their showrooms.

The correct lighting of the spaces, their efficient layout and the esthetic harmony of the products displayed become a key tool to selling furniture and lighting products.

Window display set up

The furniture showroom window display is considered to be the image of the store itself: a window display that is static may convey the wrong idea about the store and the people who manage it. It is necessary to periodically renew the window display to offer new and current products to potential customers and to correctly represent the dynamism a furniture store must show today in the market.Thanks to the constant contact with the leading principle design brands, the TRJ team can support the retailers in its own network by offering them opportunities and design and stylistic solutions to renew their window displays.

Training and refresher courses for designers and sales persons

A product doesn’t sell by itself: today it is necessary to give added value to the customer in the form of service.
One of the principle services needed for the activity of a furniture and specialized lighting design store is that of design work.
For this reason, the TRJ team is prepared to transmit all the knowledge partner retail store designers and sales persons require to implement furniture projects. The training includes both the of principle design software and the harmonization of the store’s mix of products.
The training and refresher sessions are held constantly in both the retailers showrooms and in the TRJ dedicated spaces.

Product update

Amongst the consulting service to furniture and lighting design distributors, we firmly believe that the success of each individual furniture or lighting design brand is achieved through the essential contThe training of designers and sales personnel includes continual update on new products.
Now more than ever, given the constant evolution and dynamism of brand leaders in design, it is necessary to understand from a technical and esthetic viewpoint new entries in the market in order to satisfy the increasingly more demanding and informed customers.

Marketing and communication consulting

As part of the consulting service offered to furniture and lighting design retailers, TRJ also offers a dedicated marketing and communication service similar to the business reality of the retailers in our network and supports their economic goals.