Services for architects and interior designers

The service of interior design support and consulting TRJ provides to architects mentors architectural firms and architects during the different phases of creating and executing their interior design projects.

TRJ renders the company-architect relationship more effective, simplifies communication between them and accelerates the exchange of information process.

TRJ proposes unique, tailor-made solutions for furniture and lighting design that are adapted to each project’s specific requirements.

Our experience, technical knowledge of the product and capability of interpreting our clients wishes are concretely supported by our specific interior design consulting services for architects and interior designers:

● On-site inspection and interior design consulting service
● Measurement services
● Feasibility studies
● Conceptual design
● Space planning
● Creation of mood and color concepts board
● 2D and 3D vector models of their furniture and lighting design products for partner companies
● Descriptive graphic sheets for each product
● Implementation and evaluation of lighting systems
● Photorealistic interior rendering
● Metric computation
● Descriptive specification
● Post-installation oversight
● Training services

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On-site inspection and interior design consulting service

One of the principal steps in interior design consulting is the initial inspection. Visiting the location before designing and furnishing in order to get a comprehensive view of both the interior and exterior, to understand the spaces, the proportions, the lighting and external views and to become acquainted with the surroundings and the people who will live in that space, is essential.

Measurement service

Once the on-site inspection has been concluded, proper interior design support and consulting service for architects begins with a measurement study. In order to best furnish and decorate a space, it is fundamental to accurately measure the available space. TRJ makes available its own experience and the ability of its own interior designers and architects to support the activity of architecture firms in carrying out such measurements.

Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies carried out as part of the design of a space and interior design consulting, or as also more formally called, “technical and economic feasibility project”, consist in analyzing and evaluating a project’s characteristics, costs and possible results based on its budget and idea of principle. A feasibility study to support the architect’s activity includes both those of a technical and economic nature with regard to the feasibility and economic-financial-environmental sustainability of the investment. A feasibility study concludes with the presentation of a series of documents drawn up by TRJ architects demonstrating compliance with customer expectations and their economic-financial targets.

Conceptual design

The concept of interior design is a very broad term that indicates both the phase dedicated to defining the conceptual elements of an interior design project and the graphic artwork of the same. The interior design concept usually expresses the idea underlying the project, not in technical characteristics but rather in philosophical ones Among all interior design consulting activities, this is the most creative one where no limits are imposed by space or technical constrictions.

Space planning

Amongst the services for architects and interior designers, space planning is one of the most important. Space planning is the in-depth analysis of how the physical space is utilized within the architecture. In the space planning phase the purpose of the space is taking into consideration, and who, how and why it will be utilized. Structures with many different purposes have quite distinct needs of space and their use will help determine how the space should be allocated. The space planning is a process that requires several steps and is an important component for the work of interior designer and architects.

Space planning helps guarantee the efficient use of space without wasting it. An interior design consulting service must take into account all possible uses of a given space. This is a service intended to identify the needs and elements necessary to the interior of the spaces including lighting, fixtures, surfaces and furniture.

TRJ architects and interior designers, thanks to their years-long experience, can help you understand how people will move through the spaces and help you best configure spaces in the home such as the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, outdoor areas, offices and open work spaces and common or private spaces.

Creation of mood and color concept board

Once the concept and division of spaces has been defined, the interior design consulting activity addresses the creation of a mood and color concept board.

A mood-board, a type of visual presentation or a collage of images, text and samples in a composition, is utilized to transmit a general idea of feeling n a particular subject. Architects and interior designers and other creatives use a moldboard to visually illustrate the style they intend pursuing. It serves as a visual instrument to give the customer the general “sensation” of an idea, or an ambient at a glance.

A fundamental part of an interior design project is the color. Color plays an important role in stimulating the reaction of attitude of a person in a space which can vary from person to person. Together with the mood board, the color concept board defines the role of color within the project.

2D and 3D Vector Models of their furniture and lighting design products for partner companies

Thanks to our collaboration with many of the most prestigious Italian and European furniture and lighting design companies, TRJ is capable of supporting the activity of interior designers and architects providing them with all the 2D and 3D vector models for furniture and lighting design products.

In this phase, after having defined the interior design concept, carried out the space planning and created the mood and color concept board, it is necessary to insert lighting and furniture products in the project to satisfy the customer’s expectations.

Descriptive graphic sheets of each product

Providing an interior design consulting service for architects also means making available the instruments necessary for implementing the project and instruments necessary to understanding the products from a technical viewpoint: materials, customization, dimensions, technical characteristics, characteristics of resistance and type of maintenance required.

In addition to providing 2D and 3D vector models for realizing the projects or location renderings, TRJ has a vast database of product descriptive graphic information for the products of the leading brands of in the furniture and lighting design sectors

TRJ renders the company-architect relationship more effective and accelerates the exchange of information process.

Implementation and evaluation of lighting systems

Lighting engineering is the discipline that deals with lighting spaces and environments both indoors and outdoors. A lighting project is based on different architectural, technical and psychological variables such as dimensions and characteristics of the spaces both indoors and outdoors, the human eye’s perception of light, the ergonomics of lighting, visual comfort, installation, safety standards, energy conservation and light pollution.

Our years-long experience, supported by our specific consultancy services for architects and interior designers, and the collaboration with the most prestigious brands in the sector of lighting design ensure that TRJ consultants are highly prepared as regards implementation and evaluation of lighting systems.

Photorealistic interior rendering

In addition to providing architects and interior designers with 2D and 3D vector models to realize their projects or location renderings, TRJ architects can also support your activities with environment rendering to compliment space planning. Once the furniture and lighting products have been defined, interior rendering gives the customer a realistic idea of the space.

Metric computation

Metric computation produces a document with the aim to estimate the relative construction costs of a building, a new construction, or maintenance or renovation work.To support architects and interior designers in this activity, TRJ consultants carry out these computations listing estimates for all the operations that must be done indicating the relative costs for each one. Drawing up a metric computation is fundamental for the realization of a project, particularly in the case of invasive renovation operations.

Descriptive specification

Descriptive specification is a technical administrative document attached to the contract is an integral part of it. In the descriptive specification are listed the obligations and rights of the parties who stipulate the contract, the construction methods used for the operation and the construction materials utilized.
In this delicate phase, TRJ assists interior designers and architects and provides them with every description necessary to implement or complete the specification, thus simplifying the company-architect relationship and accelerates the exchange of information process.

Post installation oversight

Post installation oversight ensures the relation of the installation to the project, the final esthetic result and its safeness before the space is occupied by the customer.

In guarantee of the design work carried out or the interior design consulting provided to architects and interior designers, TRJ undertakes to oversee the installation of the products.

Training services

The value of training assumes ever greater resonance in both professional growth and as a vehicle for personal growth. Products, technologies, processes, materials and preferences change over time.

Together with its support and interior design consulting services for architects and interior designers, and as a contribution and stimulus for its own network, TRJ organizes conventions and training meetings at its own offices or directly at production sites.