The offices of TRJ are developed within a large complex of historical-architectural assets located in the heart of the San Lorenzo district in Palermo : the Casena Nicosia, the adjacent Church of San Lorenzo and the former warehouses agricultural buildings, all overlooking an old square in Via San Lorenzo.

The district is located in what was once known as Piana dei Colli and that, until the last century, being open countryside, was used by the nobility of the city as a privileged holiday resort. For this reason, near the Casena, built in 1704, there are some of the most beautiful villas in Palermo. The Church of San Lorenzo, instead, is the oldest building in the Piana dei Colli. Despite the different “restyling” suffered over time, it bears the still visible signs of the Norman era, when it was built. Currently it is no longer consecrated.

Previously used as a workshop, it has been completely restored and is now used for special events and meetings, organized by TRJ, dedicated to the world of art, design and architecture. This complex of buildings has been redeveloped, together with the square in front of it, at the behest of the owner Massimiliano Troja (CEO of TRJ), with a view to recovering a historical identity that seemed lost.