The internal design for workspaces requires a complex and structured activity, that must respond to the needs of every individual who, for different roles and responsibilities, requires specific attention. Statistically, more than one third of ourlives are spent in an office and workplaces and must therefore be both comfortable and secure,, according to law in terms of safety and functionality. Combining these aspects can be and are the main objective which TRJ aims for when working on a contracted project.

In general, the common denominator of all our work is versatility, the capacity to adapt to the requests and the dynamics of companies and contexts very different between them and knowing how to respond in a punctual way to the different needs of those who trust in our specific know how.
To follow a new project means for us we can live and share with those who are involved, working primarily on space planning to achieve perfect ergonomics and functionality, and lighting design supporting our network – dealers, developers and architectural and engineering practices – in designing internal and open spaces.

Listen. Our work always starts with a moment of listening and comparison, followed by the collection of a brief that keeps track of what was shared. Listening and sharing are the necessary conditions to set in place the foundations of an appropriate proposal. Meetings that give us the way to get in touch with the design idea to then successively turn into an action plan.

Elaboration. The next step is to think, to research and to elaborate the best solution which takes into account all the requests made by the architect and by the client. From this crucial phase comes the proposal which we present to our interlocutors in another important moment to share .

Verification. A project must be “lived”, following and monitoring all the phases, living it closely through site inspections and visits, absorbing its true meaning and ultimate value.

Service. The perfect installation,, the very delicate phase of installation fitting the products, is a guarantee of the choice made. During this very important phase it is pleasant and exciting for us to see the project finally realized and guaranteed through our supervision.

Just like giving a home a clear identity, with attention to detail, means attributing the character of those who live there, even more so, a well-furnished and comfortable office becomes an incredible business card for companies of any type.

The experienced acquired by the TRJ team in the field of office design, has given the privilege of working alongside numerous prestigious realities, who have chosen to improve their corporate image by enhancing their working spaces. From important professional practices, to companies of differing size, who function in different fields – banking institutes, insurers, food companies, communication companies, large engineering practices, companies specialised in semi-finished products for buildings, of plants, of airline companies, wine producers, consulting companies, publishing groups, sports clubs, TRJ puts in place its skills which has enabled it to always find new and “’made to measure’ solutions. The unconventional approach of TRJ is distinguished by the fact it is able to always incorporate elements of furnishings conceived for residential environments, in office projects in which they find new identities if adapted to working environments.

To make use of Lago, for example, with its concept of home feeling, means to marry this vision perfectly. Playing with the typically domestic colours and the warmth of the wood “wildwood” oak, it transfers a comfortable sensation, “of home” in fact, in a traditionally more formal space like that of an office. Irresistible for example in certain environments is the Air system of Lago, in which wooden tables, shelves and containers are supported by glass supports, combining the best possible lightness and functionality.

Lightness and transparency with the Air collection of Lago chosen for the Management of Mosaicoon spa.

Also Alias, an extremely versatile brand of character, makes it possible to complete offices of quality with lightness and elegance. In all its various shapes, the family Frame includes a series of chairs characterized by an aluminium structure with seat and back rest in fire resistant polyester mesh with PVC. The structural and visual lightness of this net fire resistant polyester mesh makes it possible to find a typical comfort of padded chairs, while transferring at the same time a sense of transparency and delicacy to the product. The product of international success is by Alberto Meda and is embodied in a collection of chairs that fit into many contexts. Available also with armrests, the wide family of Frame chairs, have 7 different types for all uses, diversified in size, colours and finish.

The Highframe chairs by Alias

Regarding chairs for work, the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality in Alias is represented also in the Norma. chairs. Designed by Michele De Lucchi, it is a sinuous and elegant office chair. Designed to meet EN 1335 standards, which defines office security requirements chairs of work for the office and DIN 4550:2004, relating to “product and equipment safety methods”, it is perfect for all types of office environments, for managerial spaces, meeting rooms, working offices.

Norma chair by Alias

An international brand like Kartell has all the products in their collection which can be ideal, light and playful also in an office environment. In particular the Spoon Chair, a monocoque chair on wheels designed by Antonio Citterio , with Toan Nguyen. The chair is the result of a state-of-the-art project which uses two- component injection moulding technology, which enables a “layered” product – one a simple aesthetic (external) function, the other from a strong mechanical resistance (internal) – with maximum flexibility giving an easily customizable thickness, which adapts to the weight of the user.

Kartell for the offices of the training company Orsa Palermo: Four desk, Spoon Chair and drawer Mobil designed by Antonio Citterio.


A brand like Cassina represents an unusual choice and cultivated to furnish part of the office space, from the representational, to the managerial, to the open areas. At the base of decisions there is always the desire to be surrounded by unique products of their own, different for the quality of the materials and the structure, as well as the high iconic value of an object of design.

Exemplary in this sense is il Ventaglio, an oak table without an unusual shape, with a worktop consisting of 14 slats and a base with 3 legs, whose particular configuration favours a dynamic and flexible use, bringing together a number of people greater than a traditional table and placing the head of the table not isolated but near the other guests. An astonishing object designed by Charlotte

Perriand for Cassina, with which its light movement, like that of a fan that opens like a wheel, it is the ideal writing desk in a managerial environment with a unique character and which would be difficult to go unnoticed.

Managerial room with Ventaglio desk by Cassina.

The Utrecht Cassina armchair, designed by the architect Gerrit Thomas Rietveld, ideal for open spaces and for all environments.

La Cividina , a company of concrete and coherent design specialised in the production of high quality upholstery exclusively for the contract field, whose shapes and materials enable it to always achieve winning results in every situation. The collection is in fact excellent to personalize open spaces and representation. It is distinguished by its programmes of sofas and armchairs of high quality and durability with international certification for fire resistance and safety.

La Cividina for open spaces


An important aspect to take into consideration for the well-being of working environments is relating to the absence of acoustic reverberations. Sound proofing today is one of the aspects to take into consideration during the phase of the project, also in relation to privacy during the working activity. Offices typically organised into open spaces hide the risk of poor confidentiality and being able to isolate oneself in order to take advantage of one off comfort of silence, becomes an impossible task.
In these cases, the perfect solution is given by Citterio, a highly specialised brand in the office sector, which have put into production a wide range of products tailored exactly for this purpose. The glass partition walls and the modular soundproof panels, represent the ideal solution to this need, defining open spaces with reserved areas, with different levels of privacy and closure based on the needs and activity to be carried out.

Sound absorbing partitions by Citterio

Separate without dividing: this is Rimadesio’s philosophy. Rimadesio, thanks to its extraordinary knowledge of glass and aluminum, environmentally sustainable raw materials that, through a constant research work, take shape, size and finishing first unthinkable and become sliding panels, bookcases, tables, furniture, doors. Rimadesio has an innovative design culture and technologywith the highest quality and safety, offers customized and exclusive solutions that guarantee maximum elegance and reliability over time.

Sistema di porte scorrevoli Graphis Rimadesio

Graphis is a tailor made sliding panel system, features an almost invisible aluminum frame in which the purity of a double tempered glass is enhanced by large surfaces, defined by pure geometry. The essence of the design makes these sliding doors even elegant partition walls, in a open-space office they can become a great aesthetic and functional solution, making the environments permeable and flexible. Double glazing, in addition, meet the needs of sound absorption typical of work space.

The design of artificial light develops from analysis of needs, functional and architectural, of every single space. Even the lighting choices made will depend on the quality of the work of the people who live in that space and TRJ collaborating with Artemide, for 60 years leader internationally recognised in the lighting design field, has always conducted accurate research, specific for working environments and inked to the research of visual well-being and respect for the standards of efficiency and functionality.

The system of modular architectural illumination Vector of Artemide is a very clear example of how aesthetics and functionality can coexist in one unique object. Vector, in its three suspended, wall/ceilings and recessed versions, is a versatile product because it is configurable through different light sources according to different needs.

New magnetic system VECTOR, Artemide.