LuisaViaRoma Good Vibrations

Claudio Nardi’s interior project to celebrate the 90th anniversary of LuisaViaRoma.

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of LuisaViaRoma , architect Claudio Nardi , long-time collaborator and friend, transforms
the Florence store in ‘Good Vibrations’ . For this installation inspired by the vibrations of white and black, Nardi designs a play of textures, geometries and lights to create the illusion of a walk in the city, evoking sensations and emotions.

The architectural elements, the decorations and the materials are graphic tools that dress the space: the carpet is reminiscent of an elegant pavement, the arches of the showcase represent an ethereal theater. The final result: twentieth-century architectural, artistic and artisan traditions merge into a kaleidoscopic whole. The installation is also a tribute to Carlo Scarpa, Giò Ponti and all the great masters of modern architecture.

some elements of the installation:
• Marioni shelves, coat racks and ottomans covered with geometric patterned fabrics supplied by Alessandro Bini, all designed by Claudio Nardi
• Suspension lamps by Tom Dixon
• Geometric carpets designed by Claudio Nardi and supplied by Besana Carpet Labs
• Geometric wallpapers designed by Claudio Nardi and supplied by PWS

Claudio Nardi’s first major project for LUISAVIAROMA dates back to 1984. Since then, the store has been constantly evolving,
object of many reinterpretations: some have only decorated the space, others have literally revolutionized it.
Since that first installation, the store has changed over time, anticipating new trends.

In his 2008 project the spaces of the store were abstract and neutral, just like a stage, to make the protagonists the
moods aroused by the overlapping of textures, colors and furnishings. This time, Nardi simplifies design and elements even more
installation, increasing the number of possible interpretations.