At only 13 years of age he went with his father – who was an agent of a few brands of contemporary furniture – to visit the Salone del Mobile of Milan for the first time . His love for Design, and then Architecture and Contemporary Art, started from there. After school, he did not hesitate to make this passion a job, trying to share it every day with partners and clients.
He is volcanic, a daydreamer and creative, but at the same time pragmatic and hard-working. When he was only 21, in 1990, he founded his first agency, which evolved into TRJ. The right blend of charisma, professionalism and ability to reinvent himself, together with some crucial intuition and the great support of an increasingly large, strong and solid team made his agency grow quickly and become a reference point in this high-end market sector.

He is a father of four sons. He loves to spend his free time with them and pass down to them traditional family values, respect for their neighbours, his love of culture and the ability to keep a curious approach to the world in everyday life.

Chief financial officer

She has worked since she was 18, showing a strong and independent character right away. During these many years she gained – working in the automotive industry – a great experience in the administrative field, in management and in organizing a sales team. She does her job keeping herself up to date with new skills and new approaches to the marketplace.
She joined the TRJ team in 2010. Here she oversees everything related to the administration, managing contracts and external collaborations with legal and commercial advisors. In short, she is the real TRJ problem solver.

She is fascinated by the furniture sector. She loves to find news about it to better organize and contextualize the agency’s structure and contributing to TRJ’s growth.

She is determined and pragmatic, she doesn’t leave her work station until she has finished her tasks. She also has a great capacity of improvisation. This helps her to face everyday challenges with readiness and clarity of mind. New situations inspire her to always find new and successful solutions rather than scare her.

Account manager

Antonio is from Puglia transplanted in Sicily. After a long time working in Bologna and Pordenone, still in the furniture sector but with technical responsabilities, Massimiliano noticed him and asked him to manage Valcucine for his agency in Palermo. He had already worked for Valcucine, as he designed its management computer system, so he accepted without any hesitation. He still remembers the date of that moment: 28 February , 2009.
Working in TRJ helped him understand the importance of “targets”, which is the sales responsibility he had never experienced before. Brand promotion to the dealers, before and after sales consultancy are his bread and butter. On a daily basis – equipped with good will, perseverance, wisdom and concreteness – he trains the dealer’s sellers and builds with them a real professional growth path.

Sales Account

She has known Massimiliano since she was a child, but they met each other again in 2006 and started to build a professional partnership that has kept growing since then.
Her love for this work and for the furniture sector comes from her natural passion for design. Therefore, working with prestigious brands, known and recognized all over the world, feeds her genuine enthusiasm and acts as an incentive to always stand out. Her sales approach benefits from an excellent education in architecture, that made her more and more curious and attentive to details, to innovation and trends in terms of design and fashion.

She is a caring mother and loves family and good company. She is friendly and cheerful, resolute and bold, and this makes her strengthen every professional relationship, not only with customers but also with the TRJ team.


His first meeting with Massimiliano was a chance encounter. He was asked to work with him for a project of one month duration. Always passionate about design, which he knows nuances and anecdotes, Marco asked for an Embryo Chair of Cappellini as a remuneration for his work and he is very proud of it.
Since then, in 2007, he has continued to work at TRJ. Currently, he offers assistance and advice to architects and dealers in designing projects of interiors, mainly in the contract furniture field.

He is an architect with the soul of an artist. He is also a graphic designer and a photographer. In TRJ, he learnt to do his best and to stand out in his field of competence. He always tries to maintain this an anti-mediocre approach also in life and sport.

A tireless traveller – do not call him a tourist – and pure explorer, every time he can leave for different destinations, to satisfy his curiosity of the world and to find new sources of inspiration.

Sales Account

He has a strong “commercial soul” that he aquired over ten years in a popular multinational fashion company in fashion and retail and found his fertile ground in TRJ. He thinks about his work as an opportunity to grow professionally and humanly. Never tired, he loves his work so much that it becomes for him a sort of entertainment.
He is fair and straightforward. At work, he aims at building relationships based on mutual trust and respect. He loves the truth at all costs and his naturally generous and unselfish attitude permits him to do voluntary work every time he has some free time.

He is always cheerful and never gives up in the face of problems, so in life as at work. This is because he has learnt that, to face a problem, you have to focus the attention on the solution instead of the problem itself, because, on the contrary, you would waste time and energy.

Lighting consultant

Ask him to describe his job in a few words and he will answer jokingly: “I am the man of the light”. In TRJ, Alessandro offers indeed a lighting consultancy to dealers, lighting engineering specialists and professionals in this sector.
His genuine optimism, along with his professionalism and ability to work in a team, triggered an immediate empathy between him and all the TRJ staff.

He is proactive, unstoppable and always focused on his tasks. Regarding his work, he loves not only to work at a PC, but also to assist concretely, working in the field and taking complete care of his customers. For this reason, as a good architect, it is not rare to see him on construction sites, where he can study a project thoroughly, see it come about and develop. Light is not like a “cherry on top” for him, but the basic ingredient in an architectural project which bestows completeness and perfection to a place.

Sales Account

He worked in the telecommunications industry, very different from the furniture one. Nevertheless, his strong will of studying, experimenting and growing, made him learn many things about this new job in a few months. He took TRJ team’s advice – especially Massimiliano’s – on board.
Now, he assists partner companies in improving visual merchandising procedures at the dealers’ sales points. He also deals with customers training about the products and with the development of the business world of the companies.

The marketplace is increasingly e-commerce oriented. In order to offer an even more complete consultancy service to their customers, every time he can, he studies everything about the web and IT, trying to be always up-to-date and to keep up with changing times.

He is ambitious, brave and sure of his skills, but at the same time honest and ethical, he has a fresh approach in facing the world and never gives up before achieving his purposes.

He applies these qualities also in doing sports: he runs almost every evening and plays soccer and tennis.